Welcome Week!

Welcome Week is a program intended for new first year and transfer students, as well as visiting students like you! Fall Welcome Week is designed to help you in your transition to NYU by complementing any required school or program orientations, advising sessions or other activities. Be sure to download the Welcome Week Guide to your smartphone, and check out some of our hand-picked highlights below:
welcome week 2016.png
Monday, 8/29: New Transfer Student Welcome, 3-5 pm
Are you a new transfer student to NYU? Join us for a reception with hundreds of your new friends! Meet other students who have just transferred to NYU, your transfer ambassador, Student Resource Center staff members and learn about some of the resources NYU has to offer!
Tuesday, 8/30: Aesthetics IRL: Digital Branding Online, 5-6:30 pm
NYU Welcome Week invites social media influencers from various platforms (YouTube, Instagram, Tumblr, etc.) to discuss personal social branding and the importance of an online presence. Through a panel-like talk and question and answer session, new students interested in social branding will have an opportunity to learn from successful influencers and gain insight into how to create a digital brand.
Panelists include: Josh Katz (YouTube), Laura Hymes (Gov Ball/The Meadows), Zack Sultan (Tumblr), Matt Ortile (Buzzfeed), and PiERRE (@visualsbypierre//Instagram)
Wednesday, 8/31: Portraits, 7-8:30 pm
NYU Portraits creates a vibrant and colorful evening where diversity meets the stage to invigorate our passion for social justice, and service through the arts. This event is a campus tradition that utilizes an innovative approach to highlighting the importance of diversity as an enriching and transformative experience for our incoming first year and transfer students.
Thursday, 9/1: Around the World in 80 Minutes: International Speed Meeting, 6-7:30 pm
There are hundreds of new international students at NYU, and Welcome Week is the best opportunity of the year to meet them! Come to make conversation and new friends (we’ll introduce you) at this mix and mingle activity.
Friday, 9/2: Good Vibes Ball (4 floors, 4,000 students, 1 big party), 9 pm-1 am
The biggest Welcome Week tradition – the annual Ball. Get ready to dance the night away with the entire incoming class at this multi-floor event with live DJs, performers, and tons of free food. Have some fun and dress to our “Endless Summer” theme. Every year, thousands of students come out to the ball. This will DEFINITELY be a night to remember.
Saturday, 9/3: Beach Day, 11 am and 12 pm
A trip to Coney Island Beach for you and all your new friends! We will be taking the Subway as a group to the beach and spending the day! There will be groups leaving at 11:00am and 12:00pm (noon).
Sunday, 9/4: Excursion: the High Line, 2:30 pm- 5:30 pm
Take the subway to explore the beautiful High Line starting from the Javits Center on 12th Avenue to the Chelsea Meat Market near 13th Street. See awesome views of the Hudson River and City streets on the old railroad turned garden! Along the way there are shops and food stands. Finish off the trip by exploring the Chelsea Market. Meet in the Kimmel lobby at 2:30pm on Sunday, September 4th! Approximate travel time: 30 min. Approximate walking length: 1.45 miles. Note: Metrocards will not be provided. Please bring $5.50 for the two trips on the subway.
Bonus Event: Tuesday, 9/6: Reality Show NYU,  8 pm
A gritty, funny musical about the lives of NYU students as they experience an array of confounding, confusing and exciting issues. Be sure to check it out!
Remember, these are just a few of the highlights of Welcome Week; there are tons of
campus tours, library tours, neighborhood/city tours and themed hangouts for students with similar interests (ex. gaming, sports, foodie, fashion, Harry Potter, Game of Thrones, etc.)  Don’t miss out on the most exciting week of the Fall semester!

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